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Satisfied Customers

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Thanks for putting all this effort in to this. Thank you for giving information and educating everyone on this issue and thank you for giving me a sense of hope. Please don't turn off this site.
Melissa, Calgary
I'm one angry girl living near London. I'm sick to the core of the constant daily, degrading sexual objectification of women and I am on the warpath too!
Francine, London
As a victim or rape, I know the dehumanizing of women is a reality. I want to speak out against it and your site and products give me tools to do just that. THANK YOU.
Kelly, Montana

i cannot thank you enough. you're an inspiration of the finest sort.
Hannah, Ottawa

Your shirt rocks. I am a guy trying desperately to fight the negative influences society has over me, particularly with respect to women. I hope this shirt will help me to do my part.
-Brandon, Wisconsin
Shirts arrived so fast!! I am thrilled with them...I will be back soon buying more and more. I think you are a star and your shirts, stickers and stuff are awesome! Thanks for putting my thoughts onto clothing!!!!
-Pippa UK
I want to thank you for my T-shirts, my boyfriend gets his for Christmas. I love them, your website is so important, I let people know about it all the time. I really respect you for doing this.
-Lottie, UK
I may be only 12, but I am very much gratified for your website. All my peers surrounding me consist of exactly what I'm trying to fight off, with Playboy apparel and no self confidence, ad nauseam. It's a true consolation by just wearing a simple t-shirt I can help people around me (and let out my frustration). Thank you, o.a.g.
-Liz, via email

"This site is inspiring and I love my shirts. I left public schooling this past January.due to depression that came from lack of self- confidence and alienation from the way I look. I wish I was going back to school this year just to wear those shirts."

- Kayla , MI

I have made a conscious decision to start using my body as an instrument rather than an ornament for objectification and our corporate fashion industry...and I think that your shirts are just the vehicle I'm looking for to make that happen.
---Jamie, via email
Thank you very much...both for the stuff and for the site. You are an inspiration to females everywhere and your passion is infectious...
--Kristen, AL
Received my order yesterday and astounded by the swiftness of it, most people in the US take about 3 weeks to shift my stuff, but not o.a.g!!!
-Byrony, UK
I just had to write to tell you how awesome you are. You've done something with one angry girl that I have always wanted to do: Be a voice, a light for others to follow. It reminds me that individuals can, and do, make a difference. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. (And P.S., I'm wearing an 'i resist' tee-shirt that's 3-4 years old as I write this)
-Faith, Minnesota
Your site is so needed and so incredibly well-done. I wear my "Start a Revolution, Stop Hating Your Body" shirt often -- I always get asked where I got it. Keep up your work, and know that you are not alone in
your efforts!
Matt, NC
I got the t-shirts and the stickers in the mail today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It was certainly the highlight of my day. The shirts are so beautiful that I laid them out so I can look at them like art until I have an occasion to wear them.
-Jennifer, CA

Thanks so much for your site--you've saved my sanity;  I'm building an altar to you after I buy the one angry girl shirt

-Tamar, email

"Thanks so much for the shirt. After it arrived, I thought I'd take another look at the site. At the risk of sounding a little naive, the samples of "Pro Rape" cartoons" actually made me cry, right here in the communal computer room. I mean, I identify myself as a proud feminist, but for whatever reason, I just felt so unaware, and so incredibly angry. So, although I'm a little unsure how to channel that anger into something positive, I want to thank you, for bringing such an intensely immoral concept to the fore."  -Felicity, United Kingdom

"Oh, I already have this one."

- Janeane Garofalo, when o.a.g. presented her with a free fascist shirt in New York.

Thank you for gracing this earth & speaking your (and so many of our collective) truth
-Linda, Email
I would like to thank you so much for creating such a wonderful website. You have been such an inspiration to me. geez. *gush gush* hehe.
-Lea, Email
The shirt is beautiful; can't wait to walk the streets of Chicago tomorrow. Thanks for your important and fabulous work,
Megan, Illinois
As the father of a daughter who was molested by a neighbor....I believe in the power of words to help in the healing process.

 --Ike from woundedwoman.com

While I am neither a masculinist or a feminist, I do appreciate your anti-porn resources.  I sincerely thank you.

--david, new england

You've really changed my life significantly.

- maeve from girlpearl.org

The shirts are clever, bold, and of great quality, and your site is fantastic! I particularly appreciated the anti-porn stuff. I'll be buying more, and stopping by often. Thanks for your hard work and courage.

--  Jen, email

Hey, just thought I'd let you know I got my t shirt a few days ago and absolutely adore it. smiles up the wazoo... -Sally, NH

Thanx for the great shirt...I can't wait to wear it and tell the world how I really feel without having to say a word about being a womyn in a patriarchy.   

 - Kathi, NY

you're the first girl I've come across who is taking this stand.

keep fighting the good fight --Dave, FL

I want to thank you 4 all the power you have. You really have said some things that it has taken me a long time to be able to say. -- Liana    

Dear OAG:

  I love what you have chosen to do with your life. I am a former cattle rancher and Dad of an empowered girl a lot like you. I am doing volunteer work at a troubled teen girls ranch in Montana...some day I would love to have you come talk to the girls when you start your lecture circuit. These girls have been told that they are not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not smart enough until they believed it and turned to bulimia, drugs, self mutilation.

  We've got to stop the media from poisoning girls!

  Keep up the great work.

  -Steve, MT

There aren't enough people who think like you in this porn-infested, looks-obsessed world, and we need every defiant woman we can find to fight the terrible effects it has on the minds of men and women!
I can't wait to wear it and tell the world how I really feel without having to say a word about about being a womyn in a patriarchy.  I am now in the market for a" well behaved women rarely make history" shirt!
-Kathi, New York
We need to change one angry girl to an army of angry girls!!!!!!
 - Sophie, email
I am loving my shirt!
-- Heather in Halifax
Thank u so much for making me feel pretty again!!!
--Tammy, email
once i saw your site it was like I had been looking for it forever!!!  thanks for your great work I KNOW you are making a difference.   ---tara, Calgary
Meg wearing Amanda's shirt. S.C. I have not ordered from you YET. However, I just about CRIED when I read the anti-porn section (and the rest) of your site- out of pure RELIEF. I have been angrily bantering, debating, arguing, and fighting about such things for so long that I was starting to not only doubt myself; but also wear down. Thank you for doing what I did not, and thank you for re-enforcing me. This probably sounds like some stupid girl banter, but your site has really affected me. Thanks for listening. -Laura
I got the shirts they are great! I have gotten ALL positive comments. I wore the beauty standards to school- my teacher even liked it! keep up the good work, and when I open my store one day I am coming back to sell your shirts! I hope you get rich off them, and I look forward to more of your designs! -Terizadiddleydee
At first i just ordered your shirts because i thought they were cute but then someone, after looking at my one angry girl shirt, asked me are you angry and i thought hell yeah i'm angry at all the crap that women are being put through that either no one knows about or doesn't care about or thinks isn't a big deal. thank you!!  -Diana, California
Dear oag,  I have not been to your web site in a while, and I was so grateful to see what you have done with it regarding the anti-porn information. Thank you for the resources and for raising consciousness about the sexual exploitation and abuse of women. 
-in struggle, Erica, Grand Rapids, Michigan
I just recently came across your site. It gave me the chills to look at your shirts. In high school I had wanted to make shirts with female empowerment sayings. I suffered with anorexia and hating my body. I still am trying to love myself. I will most definitely have to purchase one or more of your shirts. I was wondering which stores they are available in? Thank you for showing me that women who care about other women exists. Too many women only think about finding a male partner. I wish you luck and prosperity. Sincerely, Renah 
I just wanted to thank you for creating a website like this. I just so happen to come across it while doing research for my Women's Literature class. I thought it was really a boring class that talked about feminism (something I didn't care about or even thought about). But going through your website has shown me things that I take for granted, whether is be because of where I live or whatever. 

I don't hate men. Okay, there are men that I really really really dislike a lot. But the things in your website have gotten me thinking. And I just want to thank you for getting me to this point.

Stephanie, via internet

To one of the coolest people I have ever heard of in my entire 23 years on this earth. I have never seen a website like yours. You are incredibly brave & wonderful for sticking it to this society of ours. I myself am a very angry girl. I wear size 16 jeans which makes it very difficult to find really cute clothes. I am too young to dress like a grandma but if it wasn't for catalogs like Girlfriends LA that is exactly what I would feel like. I say to hell with the stereotype that large women are not beautiful. I get compliments on my looks but as soon as a waif walks through the door guys do not see me anymore. I just wanted you to know how fantastic I think you are & I ask you to please keep up the good work !!! 

Appreciatively, Rachel in KY 

Again, thank you so much. I absolutely love my shirts -- and the responses I've been getting. I wish I had photographs of people's faces when they notice "AntiPorn." : ) You, rock, o.a.g.!

-N in Cyberspace

Great website. I had the "Well behaved women" bumper sticker on my 10-year-old Dodge Omni. I sold the car, but I was really sad watching the bumper sticker go! I bought one for a friend, and she loves it, so I can't ask for it back! Guess I have to buy another! My friends and I love your stuff! You say the things we've wanted to for so long! And so much better than we could ever think to! Thanks! Guida Dear oag,  

I am oac (one angry crone) who teaches women's studies. I just discovered your website and will be ordering tees and bumper stickers asap. Love the Bud man. Can't remember when I've laughed so hard. I'm spreading the word! 

one angry crone 

I came to o.a.g. with the "if I see one more t-shirt in favor of this sexist/blow-job/porn star crap, I will start pelting offenders with bloody tampons!" mentality that I'm sure every grrl has encountered sometime during her feminist identity career. It is a gross understatement to say that o.a.g. is a breath of fresh air...it's empowering just knowing o.a.g. exists! Thank you, thank you, thank you.! 

Noelle, CA

Juliette, the editor of feminista, shows off her fascist shirt.
i love you women for having these shirts! i wore the 'fuck your facist beauty standards' to an ani show and it makes me feel so empowered! i cut ths small version of it off the order form and taped it to my mirror and see it every morning! thank you thank you thank you. i want to cry when i see your site. so beautiful!

kat, via email

Thank you for the Anti-Porn essays. I have been searching for girl-friendly/feminist web sites and zines and such, but have found that most of them are pro-porn. I felt alone - especially when my boyfriend didn't understand my feelings about it. I have had an ongoing struggle with porn, which has proved to be so incredibly destructive in so many aspects. Anyway, it was... empowering to see your site. Does that sound cheezy?

Tiffany, via email

Wore "Fuck" to an Ani concert and received many compliments, even one from her beginning act, Stephen Smith. Got ones for my sisters, including AntiPorn. I think I need another because we keep fighting over it! 
Sarah, OH
It occurs to me that I never sent my huge THANK YOU to you for creating your one angry girl List. I met one of my very best friends through your list. You have increased my activism and improved my life. Thank You!!!!!!!!! 
Linda, via email
Wanted to let you know that i fell in love with my shirts at first sight! (it was a mutual love-they fit perfect :)
Amber, via email
I'm starting to feel that wriggly exciting righteous angry alive feeling again, and with the fabulous o.a.g. shirt I am soon to possess, everyone else can know how I feel too.
Lauren, OH
At first I was pretty nervous to wear 'fuck' out in public, but it was a very empowering experience.
Meade, CA
I had no idea what buying some shirts would get me into! Wooo hooo maybe there is a goddess! Keep up the good work! It makes bitchy little girls like me very happy.
Koko, CA
Enlightenment is always appreciated! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help in any way.
Mandey, MN
Looking forward to looking different
Anita, CA
Run for President, you've got my vote!  
C.A., IL
My shirt is all I dreamed it would be and more!
Julie, TX
I am buying you out of stock as soon as I can afford it!
I desperately need a shirt to combat my daily life in the self-esteem cesspool that is LA. 
Anne, CA
And I, too am one angry girl. VERY ANGRY!
Christina, Pennsylvania
Just wanted to let you know you kick ass for what you're doing! One day, all of us will take over the world!  --Miki, New Jersey photo of Dave in "Decorative" and Janet
Thanks for finally saying it the way it needs to be said! 
Sara, New York
Oh my god! I just saw the ad for your t-shirts and I havetohaveone.
Lee, Pennsylvania
Tiffany's shirt I really admire what you are doing, so keep it up! And keep me updated on new shirts! Thanks! 
Marci, Utah
I love your ideas and your courage, and especially the size of your ovaries!
Tammy, Massachusetts
I've never seen anything like this before. -Jody, Massachusetts I run cranes in a male dominated work force...let me just tell you...these T-shirts ROCK!!!
Megan, Massachusetts

You Rock!
Sue, Texas

This is the kind of stuff that keeps the world going.
Julia, Michigan
Thank you for your time and effort in the face of tyranny.
I am proud to be a billboard for OAG! My shirt is like a trophy, and Idefinitely show it off! My friends are green with envy, and I'm sure a few of'em will also be satisfied customers! YOU GRRLS KICK ASS!
Emily, Michigan

James in England

These are the best shirts with real womyn in mind that I've seen yet!
Shoshaunna, Ohio
You are a godsend!
Heather, Georgia
Continue to fight their lies! 
Tim, Michigan
Oh my god!!! I love the whole idea of this! it's purely genious!!! Wowie...you like...make me happy! I NEED a shirt!
Sarah, New york
I guess I'm part of that generation that is raised to please at any cost, but thanx to one angry girl I'll get to show my disapproval!
Emily, Michigan (a very satisfied customer)
Stay cool, feminine, beautiful, and proud! 
Kirsten, Minnesota
You fucking rock, woman! Thank you! 
Elisa, California
I love my t-shirt. It's the koolest. 
Laura, Minnesota
Very bitchin' shirts...I've already spread the word to other angry girls. --Jackie, Cyberspace
Finally, I'm becoming a well-dressed woman. ---Tammy, Maine
In my twenties, I obsessed on being thin...I mistakenly believed that to be the epitome of beauty. It has taken a long, long time to get over poor body image. I used to want liposuction to get rid of cellulite. Now, I don't care. My big butt is a part of me. I have learned to love all my body. 

You do a great service with your T-shirts. I love the "Hey Baby" shirt that I ordered a while back. My order is enclosed for "Guilt-Free". 
Allison, Florida

I loved [my T-shirt]. It is better than "Cats." I plan to wear it again and again.
Mrs. Stinky Pollman, Florida