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By now, some of you may know about WebeWeb, the Florida-based Internet company that peddles suggestive photos and videos of smiling 8-year old girls doing backbends in their bikinis.

If not, you are in for a profoundly stomach-turning experience.

While most little girls go through that phase where they prance around in front of mirrors, WebeWeb's girls are decidedly different.

Tiny asses in the air, skinny legs spread for the camera, these children have inspired thousands of adult male fans and congressional legislation, all the while raking in lots of money.

Are the girls trying to break into "honest" modeling or being seasoned for a life in porn?  Should their parents be commended for their keen business sense, or prosecuted for child endangerment?  Keep in mind that each model's website offers subscriber options, fan clubs, and merchandise for sale. 

Most agree that it's twisted.

Few can agree on whether it should be outlawed.

Among those concerned are Florida Congressman Mark Foley, who initiated the Child Modeling Exploitation Prevention Act of 2002, (H.R. 756) last May.  He's also asked the Justice Department to investigate for possible criminal or civil charges.

The controversial bill has been referred to two subcommittees but has gone no further.

Meanwhile, WebeWeb is still operating.

Peruse at your own risk:

Get to know WebeWeb's adult male fans at:

For more information on WebeWeb, see:

To take action on H.R. 756, visit:

Jan 2003

I would like to draw attention to an episode of "The Shield" (Fox network) that aired on January 21, 2003

The show portrays a "strike team" of police that live outside the law; beating up people in Mafia-style threats, coercion, blackmail and generally every other thing that the police are supposed to stop.

This particular show finds the main character, Vic, shot after a gun battle with a criminal and his partners in an uproar over his wounds. Vic grabs one of his partners and says to him something like, "You take care of this. Take
care of him."

Vic's partners head over to the criminal's house and find his girlfriend packing a bag for him. They shove her around a bit and demand to know where the criminal has gone. In typical gun moll fashion she tells them to get out, she ain't tellin' them nothin' and so on. One of the cops shoves his fellow officers out of the room and locks the door. He grabs the woman and throws her face down on the bed. He pins her arms behind her as she kicks and screams.

When she still won't tell him where the criminal is, he begins to unbutton his pants and starts to threaten her with rape. She cries, screams "no" and begs for him to stop. He continues to undo his pants and keeps threatening her, kicking apart her legs. Finally, she tells him what he wants to know and he gets off her. As she remains on the bed, crying, he tells her she lost out and blows her a kiss.

I sat through that scene in horror. I am deeply offended and enraged. Women who are abused and raped are encouraged to go to the police for help. We beg and plead with them to go to the authorities. Here is a show where the "good guy" throws a woman down and threatens to rape her. I can't imagine how that scene could have affected a rape victim or an abused woman who is trying to find a way out.

Please help me tell Fox that this kind of programming cannot be tolerated. There is far too much ugliness and rape in this world without Fox glorifying it in one of their highest-rated shows.----

Submitted by Amy in Colorado

If you are outraged, o.a.g recommends you contact the network and the LAPD, which the show claims to portray.
FX Cable Networks Group
10000 Santa Monica Blvd, 4th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: 310-286-3800
Fax: 310-789-4688
President/CEO: Peter Liguori
Senior VP of Programming: Chuck Saftler


Los Angeles Police Department
Public Affairs Section
150 North Los Angeles Street
Room 731
Los Angeles, California 90012


LAPD Media Relations Section
150 North Los Angeles Street
Room 626
Los Angeles, California 90012

Please contact Miller Beer about their 'Cat Fight Ad' where two women fight,
tear off each other's clothing and end up writhing in mud, all to prove whether Miller tastes great or is less filling..

You've probably seen the ad by now, but if you haven't, you can treat yourself at:

If you are outrages, you can contact Miller's Communications Director, Michael Hennick, at (414) 931-4536
or at

Here is a sample letter you can use or revise.

Dear Miller Ad Company,
I was appalled by your use of violence as a sexual turn on for men to sell your beer in your recent Cat Fight Ad. Your company is teaching males, especially boys, to be aroused by semi-nude women violently attacking each other over the merits of a beer. Is your company so desperate it must stoop this low? Since you don't seem to care about attracting women consumers, I am boycotting Miller products and encouraging others to join me. We all deserve to see women depicted as respected partners, not as idiotic, violent sex objects.

Submitted by Media Watch

July 2002

Shock Jock makes kidnap remarks (July 2002) (skip to update)
forwarded to o.a.g. from Nikki Craft and

We are calling for the termination of shock jock host Mickey Esparza, a.k.a. "the Perpetrator."
He is based in Dallas, TX and has a popular show on KSJO 92.7 FM, "afternoon drive" 3-7 pm. He can also be heard on 105.3 in San Diego, and 97.1 KEGL in Dallas.

On Wednesday July 24th at 4:45 pm he made the following comment: "Let's say, for instance, you're somebody that is a kidnapper. Think of all the nylon rope you could get at Orchard Supply Hardware. Plus, they sell tarps. I'm sure they sell lye to dissolve the body.''

Earlier in the same show he referred to 7-year old abductee Erica Pratt of Philadelphia, who escaped by chewing through the duct tape. He said: "That's why I don't use duct tape. That's why I use nylon rope."

His comments were made on the same day as the memorial for the recently raped and murdered 5-year-old Samantha Runnion of Orange County, California.

While the news is brimming with stories of kidnapped, raped and murdered children, Mickey Esparza has featured on his show a little girl's voice telling jokes like, "What are the two most important holes in a woman's body? Her nostrils, so she can breathe while she's giving a blow job."

Esparza has been temporarily suspended for his comments. Please let Clear Channel know that he should be fired.

Orchard Supply has pulled their advertising on KSJO as a result of Mickey's comments. We are calling for the boycott of all sponsors of Esparza's show.

Clear Channel, which owns 1200 stations nationwide, has a history of airing the very worst national shock jocks, including Opie and Anthony, Howard Stern, Tom Leykis, Bob Grant, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savitch.

At least three Clear Channel DJ's have been charged with animal cruelty for torturing and killing animals live on the air. Clear Channel has also been hit with several sexual harassment suits by employees. Basically, they're evil.

Please email Clear Channel's top executives at these addresses:

Chairmain/CEO Lowry Mays:
President/COO Mark Mays:
Exec VP/CFO Randall Mays:
Senior VP Kathryn Mays Johnson:

If you prefer to write a letter, here are two addresses to use:

Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
200 East Basse Road
San Antonio, Texas 78209
210 822 2828
Clear Channel Radio
50 East Rivercenter Blvd. 12th Floor
Covington, KY 41011
859 655 2267


  As of September 23, 2002 DJ Mikey Esparza, who broadcasts on San Francisco KSJO, Dallas KEGL, and San Diego KIOZ, was replaced on three bay area stations for his song advocating sex with 9-12 year old girls.

  Mikey had been suspended for a week in July for airing tips for kidnappers on how to bind children with nylon rope and where to buy the supplies such as tarps and lye to dispose of the bodies.

  Here are some lyrics from Mikey's tribute song for R. Kelly, a rapper accused of making child porn:

"Ooh yeah, look at that child over there.
Is she nine or is she twelve? Ain't got no pubic hair.
I'm feeling frisky, I know it's risky. 
Friday night I need a bite. Underage girls with some cellulite. 
I like 'em young with no pubic hair. I like 'em bald and I like 'em bare."

Ed Krampf, manager of Clear Channel's 10 bay area stations, said regarding Mikey's firing, "We just want to go local.  We want someone who is relatable in the Bay Area in terms of content, who knows what works and what doesn't work."   

India Weeks and Jim Burns helped lead the protest to get Mikey fired.  For more info or to answer any question please call them at 831-372-2981.

Here are other examples of what Clear Channel DJs have done in the past.

  • DJ "Bubba the Love Sponge" of Tampa Bay's WXTB tortured a wild boar by castrating it live on the air and then slit its throat as a promotional gimmick. After barbequing its testicles, he was arrested and charged with a felony count of animal cruelty. Clear Channel spent millions to defend him, and after getting charges dropped, put him back on the air.

  • A Denver DJ received complaints for throwing a chicken from a three-story building and encouraging his listeners to round up animals and put them on a highway to see how many could make it across the road. In Wheeling, Virginia, a steer was executed and broadcast live on 129 Clear Channel stations.

  • Clear Channel DJs also hire strippers, prostitutes and porn stars as regulars on their shows.

Several o.a.g. visitors wrote in with their own Clear Channel horror stories. Click here to read them. (opens in  a new window, just close when finished!)

April 24, 2001 The very latest in bad taste, Dallas-based Wife Beater t-shirts offers so-called "wife beater" undershirts for $20 apiece. It's a white or black sleeveless shirt with WIFE BEATER tastefully printed in contrasting script. There's even a "lil' wife beater" for aspiring infants.

Tongue-in-cheek, maybe.

Vulgar, yet oddly amusing?

Well, it gets worse: the site includes photos of a male playfully spanking a laughing female, both clad in wife beater wear, plus a "Wife Beater Hall of Fame," spotlighting famous batterers Tommy Lee and Ike Turner. The final touch is a "buy one, get a second at half price" offer those who can prove their official batterer status. As the site puts it, "You must enclose proof of conviction, court records, restraining order, probation officer's phone#,... photos are NOT acceptable."

The site address is

They are hosted by

Their email is or bruised@wife-beaterscom.

Please proceed accordingly.

February 2000 While visiting the home of a thirteen-year old friend last month, one angry girl had the opportunity to peruse the February 2000 issue of Teen Magazine.

On page 26, she noticed a fashion spread of "cupid's coolest picks," featuring this spunky tank-and-g-string set in bubblegum pink.

o.a.g. considers a pink g-string a fairly disturbing underwear choice for a seventh grader. She also believes that any organized marketing effort to sexualize minors is irresponsible, considering that half of rape victims in America are assaulted before their 17th birthday.

She expressed her dismay to Teen Magazine via email ( but has received no reply. Please feel free to contact them yourself.

US spends $2 billion per month in Iraq, but not enough to help toddlers being raped for men's entertainment.

Our new favorite person, Special Agent Flint Waters of Wyoming's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, needs your help getting adequate funding to arrest the men who download and trade child pornography over the internet.

"They are not 15-year-old girls that look 20, they are 2-, 3-, 4-year-old children," Waters has said. "The age of the victim is getting younger, the level of violence is increasing."

So far Waters has been able to identify 570,000 computers in the U.S. that access crime scene photos of children being sexually abused, a.k.a. child porn, via P2P networks. He'd like to arrest ALL the criminals, but his office is understaffed due to lack of funds.

Here's his testimony before Congress earlier this year.

Why is Waters going after the viewers and not the abusers themselves, you ask? For one thing, quite often they're the same man. His research shows that over 30% of those who view child pornography are also active child molesters. Besides, as a spokesperson for the NPSCC puts it, "when an individual accesses the internet to view or download abusive images they are reinforcing the demand for children to be abused." The child pornography industry would not exist without a market.

Here's a quote from a survivor of child pornography, thanking the task force for its work:
"When I was a little girl and when I was being photographed and raped, I used to try to send messages with my eyes down the lens and hope that one day a good person might see and come to help us. It took years for me to realize no one was looking at my face. You saw our face and we want you to know that we know how hard this must have been."

Now back to the money problem. Waters says his office can handle seven warrants a month but gets up to 30 leads a day.

The Surviving Parents Coalition, a group formed last year, wants Congress to pass a bill that would more than double current funding to increase the number of forensic labs, federal-state task forces and federal agents to combat child pornography. The bill passed the House in November and is pending in the Senate.

Get more information here:
Then contact your Congressperson here:
Or, if you want to help out financially, you can send tax-deductible donations to the Operation Fairplay Fund, run by Promise to Protect, a 501(c)(3) charity. They say: "100% of contributions will be directed to support research, development and deployment of software and systems designed to combat child exploitation and protect children."

Make checks payable to: Promise to Protect

Please indicate on memo line or cover letter: Operation Fairplay Fund.

Send to:

Promise to Protect

46 Haywood Street

Suite 357A

Asheville, NC 28801