one angry girl ordering FAQs:

Inspector #8 performs Quality Assurance Reviews on all one angry girl product before shipping.

Ordering through the mail:

1. Print order form. If you don't have a printer, make your own form.
2. Fill it out - please include phone or email in case I have to contact you.
3 . Enclose check or money order. Do not send change or large amounts of cash. Send your order to P.O. Box 665/Guilford, CT/06437.

Bounce a check, become a deadbeat.

FAQs about ordering:

1. What size should i buy?
Due to the various demands of various-sized customers, one angry girl uses a variety of shirt styles, from crewneck to scoop neck to "ladies" fitted. Crewnecks run the largest, scoop necks a bit smaller. Fitted shirts are sized VERY small, as a fitted XXL is comparable to a Medium crewneck.
Shirts ordered in sizes 3XL and up take longer to ship because they often must be special ordered. Thus, if you really wear a Large but think it would be cool to have a Decorative in a 4XL, please be willing to wait a few extra weeks to get it.
Also, sizes over XL carry a service charge. Please see details under FAQ #2.

2. What's with the service charges?
In a perfect world, all sizes would cost the same. The truth is, the cost of producing a 5XL is about 2 or 3 times the cost of producing, say, a medium. These shirts need to be shipped from a specialty manufacturer to the screenprinter, then back to o.a.g., then to the customer. Absorbing this extra cost is no longer as option for o.a.g., as more and more customers are choosing to order larger sizes. Therefore, please take note of these service charges:
For a XXL, add $2/ shirt
For a 3XL, add $3/ shirt
For a 4XL, add $4/ shirt
For a 5XL, add $5/ shirt
For a 6XL, add $6/ shirt

3. What is the extra cost if i live overseas?
No extra cost, but you need to use Paypal. The shipping cost will be added at checkout - if more shipping funds are required, you will be contacted by email.

4. Who should I make the check out to?
one angry girl designs

5. Where are the shipping costs?
Shipping costs are based on the amount of purchase, and are calculated automatically if using paypal. If using the order form, please consult the chart at the bottom.

6. Is it REALLY going to take six weeks to get my order?
No, probably not. But keep in mind that o.a.g. is not, and there isn't a paid staff working around the clock to get your package mailed within 24 hours. Alas.

7. I'm poor, what should I do?
Take your chances on o.a.g.'s stock of Damaged Goods. Slightly stained or weirdly printed items currently available for half price include: History, Fascist, o.a.g. logo, prove. Email for details.

Ordering through PayPal:

Typically faster, because we don't have to wait 10 days for your check to clear. Please use buttons provided. You will have to set up an account with Paypal.

Have more questions? Email us at