visitors own Clear Channel horror stories:

"Our local station, WZZO, is now running TV commercials of a bleached blonde with an obviously siliconed (aka mutilated) chest, and they pretty much reduce her to less than dirt. They also have wet T-shirt contests, and are constantly making negative remarks about women. Their web site used to be a porn site, but now they changed it so it has an "adult" section."

-from Amy

After reading your article on the Clear Channel shock jock, I have to agree with all of your statements 100%. My complaint is with Opie & Anthony's friends who run a radio show on 102.7 WNEW (in New York City). Ron & Fez are the worst of them all. I speak from experience.

When I was 16, I stumbled on Ron & Fez's show. They had three or four young girls who called up the show and would flirt with them a little bit, but one of the girls caught my attention because we had a lot in common: she was having a problem getting into colleges because didn't have enough references from guidance counselors. I had the same problem. I found her on the Internet, since Ron and Fez was a largely Internet-related show at that time. After talking to her, she persuaded me to call up the show, and tell them my problem and they would help me. So I called up Ron & Fez and flirted a tiny bit, jokes and all. Off the air Ron talked to me seriously and said they would write me a note of recommendation from the radio station to my college. This went over well and I did get into the college. I kept calling in the show to play along with the gags, and soon all of us young girls who called the show (we were referred to as the "Ron & Fez babies") started to turn 18. Turning 18 meant a chance to go in studio and be live on the air that day. Something was going wrong though.

One of the girls commented to me that during her 18th birthday show, one of the hosts wanted her to do a wrestling contest with one of the show's producers. She's a bit of a wild girl and agreed to it with her bathing suit on, nothing more, nothing less. But when she got in studio suddenly on the air they began making lewd comments about her body and asked her if she was wearing a thong. When she said she was, they changed the contest to a thong-only wrestling show, and said pictures would be put up on the website. She begged them not to, but of course they were on the air live and callers began calling in and making fun of her, so she did it. She called me crying that night and I felt so bad for her. She also told me she had lied about her age and still wasn't legal, so we called their producer right away and told him, and he had no choice but to take the pictures down because she had been using a fake name on all the waivers anyway.

Another one of my friends entered an on-air drinking contest with them. She can drink most people under the table so she thought it would be no big deal. During the show she began complaining of stomach pains and asked if they could stop. Ron and Fez had callers call in and abuse her on air to get her to keep going. They also made a bet with her that if she lost she had to sleep with one of their interns. Soon she threw up. She was in immense pain and her boyfriend took her to the hospital where she was discovered to have a liver and kidney infection. She was in the hospital a while after that and has never fully recovered. All the while when she didn't call in to make arrangements to sleep with their intern, they abused her on the air. She tried to explain about being in the hospital and they just kept going. She has since stopped calling the show.

As for myself, when I turned 18 things were very different. They wanted me to say more on the air, talk dirty, come in for wrestling shows, come in for body contests. I always said no, it's not the kind of thing I do. Finally another one of my friends went on the air and they tried to get her to take her clothes off. She didn't want to. I called in to protest, saying enough was enough. After that, I was banned from the show. I would call in for anything, to say hello, to voice an opinion, to tell a joke, to comment or agree or disagree, and I would be put on hold and never picked up. My friends who refused to do things were never picked up either. The DJs eventually got new girls and played with their heads too.

Ron & Fez are ruthless in their search for ratings. They feed on the attention needs of young girls with low self esteem. They give in to the typical macho male stereotypes. They call girls whores on the air, they're just plain mentally abusive. There has to be some other way to get ratings.

I would just like to thank you for bringing the problem with these radio shows to people's attention. don't think of myself as a feminist, I do a lot of things that feminists would probably think are crazy, but I know when I'm being mistreated, and it's time to put a stop to this totalitarian guerilla radio.

Thanks, Zoe